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Former Packs

Common Grounds

Crowberry Lake
No one really knows how the lake got its name, as there are no berry bushes for miles nor do crows visit often. Regardless of its mysterious namesake, the lake is rather large in size and full of tasty fish, making it a popular spot for the wolves.
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Bluebell Meadow
This is one of the safest places in Somerset. With its tranquil beauty, Bluebell Meadow is the perfect place to interact with others in peace and bring children to play.
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The Crater
As opposed to Bluebell Meadow, the Crater is mostly avoided. It is hundreds of feet deep and nearly a mile in diameter. There is little to no wildlife, and rumor has it that exiles and loner males like to haunt its depths.
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Crystal Caverns
The crystal caverns are a long, intricate chain of caves woven into a mountain's base. The caves are lined with crystals, though you rarely see them as there is little light. The wolves who spend time here develop keen senses of hearing as vision is so poor.
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Xaoc Forest
As you travel into the woods of Akeli lake, you may become... disoriented. If you cross the Dove Hills with your eyes closed, you will feel the land begin to change beneath your feet. Even from the wilds of Sharktooth, if you hold the wish heavily in your mind, you can reach Xaoc Forest. There is no one way to find it - Chaos will hear the wish of those who seek her, and will guide their feet into her mystic land in mere moments. Xaoc Forest itself is vast, but no one need wait long for an audience from the goddess. The crushed reds and yellows of flowers are present year-round, as is the choking mist that comes and goes in waves. It is never dusk, never dark - the sun and moon are never seen. It's simply clouds, and greyness, and... altogether quite strange. And yet, it is a place where dreams, and possibly nightmares, can comes true.

This board contains the information on magic and quests
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Lands of the North

Everbane Mountain
Everbane is a single mountain, rising high from the earth into a great, snowy peak. Because of the great altitude, snow covers the top half of the mountain year-round. Snow and ice can make living here dangerous, as one could slip and fall off the edge - however, the wolves that have lived here pride themselves on being the toughest around.

Claimed by the Everbane Mountain Pack
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Ice Spring
White Forest
The White Forest is aptly named - snow falls so frequently here that the thick pines and rugged underbrush are almost always covered with snow, heavily pulling on the branches. The wolves here have no trouble tracking prey - it's catching it that's the problem with incredibly deep snow to slow them down. The forest is vast, and only the most determined can handle navigating its trail-less structure.

Claimed by the White Forest Pack
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Akeli Lake
In the shadow of a small mountain range, Akeli Lake is a veritable natural stronghold. It's cozy in the valley, surrounded by a small, but thick coniferous forest. The territory consists of this forest as well as the lake. The lake itself is clean mountain water, the ending point for a steady stream. It is abundant with fish, and a frequent stop for various wildlife.

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Lands of the East

Black Coast
Along the east coast of the continent runs a rocky shore, traditionally held by one pack. The black rocks cut steeply downward, making it very dangerous to get too close to the edge, but there are some areas with narrow paths down to the water. While frightening, it is a necessary hazard - the sea lions that beach on flat rocks are one of the main sources of prey for the wolves here.

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Zarek's Staircase
Dove Hills
The Dove Hills are a rolling green sea, peppered by rocks and shrub-trees. The area gets a lot of rain, and so the ground is almost always plentiful. Prey is easy to come by, and life is generally good for those that call the hills home. Winters can be harsh as there is little shelter, but digging burrows in the snow has proven effective for the inhabitants for keeping warm.

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Oct 20, 2017 14:01:24 GMT -5
Hidden Pool

Lands of the West

Rock River Delta
This area is the end of the Rock River, where it flows from the continent into the ocean. The land is marshy and the water brackish, making it ideal for certain animals and perilous for others. In the fall, the land becomes nearly infested with bears seeking out the salmon that swim upstream from the ocean to spawn.

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Shore Woods
Named for its vicinity to the ocean, the Shore Woods are full of thick vegetation and teeming with life. Legend says this is where the first wolves of Somerset lived before branching outward to the other territories. The wolves here have always been tolerant of outsiders, as the way to Sharktooth Island traverses their boundaries.

Neutral Ground

Inhabited by the Shore Woods pack

Tree of Health and Tree of Fertility are active
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The Beach
Gold Plains
Though less hilly than the Dove Hills, the land is reminiscent of that grassy territory. The grasses here are a gold-brown color much of the year, and everything is overall much drier than its eastern counterpart. There are scattered trees here that hold the nests of mostly predatory birds and offer shade to those weary of the sun. In the winter the rodents move underground, so prey consists almost entirely on the gazelles of the plains. Harsh winters have seen the prey population pushed almost to extinction, so caution must be taken.

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Lands of the South

Varesh Desert
Though this desert is dry, it is not devoid of vegetation. Cacti and low shrubs are the most common. The desert has a number of rocky hills that, while dangerous because of potential rock slides, are quite beneficial in housing a thriving population of bighorn sheep. For those that prefer the flatland, the less hazardous but harder to catch pronghorns are available. But be cautious - poisonous reptiles are often hidden in the few shady spots. Water is scarce, but there are a few precious holes that are the lifeblood of the ecosystem.

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Cracked Peninsula
Without a doubt the driest place in Somerset, the Cracked Peninsula sees perhaps a few inches of rain per year. The ground is nearly white and bone-dry, making it impossible for vegetation to grow in most places. The land is home to a myriad of venomous creatures, hardy and tough as the wolves that live there. What makes the land habitable is the single oasis, fed by a spring in the earth. It is the only place where plant life can be found in all of the peninsula. It is also the reason that a herd of gemsbok antelope have continued to thrive. While it is easy to find them, the wolves must be careful not to scare them off the water - they may just decide another land is less dangerous and migrate. The coast breaks into rocks before reaching the water, making algae the only plant able to live even there.

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by Lirriel
Nov 18, 2017 10:40:20 GMT -5
The Rainforest
Contrasting the dryness of the other lands of the south, the rainforest of the southwest is thick and lush and gets far too much rain to handle. This makes the air incredibly humid and thick year-round, making it not only hot but sometimes hard to breathe, especially in the summer. Because of its bounty, a huge variety of wildlife call the area home. While prey is plentiful, so are predators - some of which are not afraid to set their eyes on wolves. The jaguars in particular have historically been a problem, so caution must be had. A number of brightly-colored, poisonous animals also live here, so pups should be closely monitored.

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Dec 26, 2013 20:47:51 GMT -5
The Riverbank

Silverfish Sea

The Channel
The channel is the only way to pass from Sharktooth Island to the mainland. While it is often calm on the surface, looks are deceiving - the passage can be deadly. Much of the channel is shallow enough that a wolf can walk with its head above water, moving between the three islands along the path. However, between each island are trenches, and more deadly creatures call this area home, waiting for prey to stumble along. Most make it through with their lives, but one can never be too cautious. Even the shallow water can be deadly, if the sharks get hungry enough.

A thread must be made here for any wolf crossing to or from Sharktooth.
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by Lexx
Oct 29, 2017 21:50:46 GMT -5
Sharktooth Island
While the mainland nearest the island is pretty temperate, something about the warm currents and the air streams have allowed this island to be practically tropical. The edges of the island are fairly moderate, but the further inland you go, the more hilly and mountainous it becomes. Only the occasional stray predator from the mainland makes it out this far, so once you cross the current, you've entered a virtual paradise. The islanders have historically been a little secluded because of the channel crossing.

Claimed by the Sharktooth Island pack
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Dec 18, 2017 14:44:04 GMT -5
Lovers' Peak, Sky Falls, Purgatory Reef

Realm of the Gods

Realm of the Gods
Home of Chaos and most other gods of Somerset. It is highly varied in landscape and function, and is very unique to each god that is visited.

This board may only be used by characters who have been sent by Chaos or another god.
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by Lexx
Nov 22, 2017 9:09:36 GMT -5

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